Monthly Archives: June 2017

Manchester rough sleepers

Manchester rough sleepers If you’ve seen someone sleeping rough or needs our support in Manchester: Manchester Council can support people best if they are given help to move away from the streets. Below provides advice and links to organisations who can help and support individuals: Manchester rough sleepers – if you know someone is sleeping […]

Rogue managing agents

Don’t fall for a rogue You’re looking for a new managing agent. You’ve been with one of the big agents and felt like a number with little importance. So where do you go? The next stage is to swing the other way and look for a smaller local agent to manage the site. They’re going […]

LED lighting / light bulbs – save money now

LED Lighting – do you have old style spot light bulbs? Have you heard of LED lighting? A good quality LED spot light bulb costs around £5.00 and will last for up to 5 years. A traditional spot light bulb of 50 watts costs £17.52 a year to run* An LED lighting equivalent bulb costs £1.05 […]