Monthly Archives: July 2017

Leasehold or Freehold?

You may have seen this week’s news about leasehold and freehold properties and thought, ‘That’s nothing to do with me.’ Well, it could be. A freehold property is where you own the building and the land it stands on. You own your castle. Leasehold is where someone else owns the land your property stands on […]

Reducing building insurance cost

Reducing building insurance cost requires hard negotiation with landlords because we fight for our customers to save their money. At Ropeworks we have reduced the buildings insurance cost by £14,000 a year Reducing building insurance cost is our aim at Revolution Property Management. Thie was a key focus when we were appointed to manage The […]

Stopping water leaks

Stopping water leaks Stopping water leaks was one of the main objectives given to us by the Quadrangle in Manchester on our appointment last November. This is a large building with 250 apartments. Before we took over the main water feed in the building burst causing over £100,000 of damage to apartments and retail units. What’s […]

Private rental sector, what is it?

Have you noticed large apartment blocks going up around Manchester? They may be Private Rental Sector sites. Well, the majority of these are owned within the Private Rental Sector (PRS).  Currently there are 12 skyscrapers of more than 30 stories with the tallest being 66 stories in height. There are over 10,000 apartments due to […]