Monthly Archives: August 2017

Right to manage

What is right to manage and why do you need it? Right to manage is mainly used in situations where the landlord (normally the company who own the land the building is on or the building itself) of the building manages the building, and the leaseholders (apartment owners) have no say in what happens. This […]

Reserve Funds for future maintenance

Reserve funds, future maintenance, preventive maintenance are all titles for the same thing, which is saving for a rainy day. Many leases provide for the landlord to collect sums in advance to create one or more reserve or ‘sinking’ funds. The purpose of such funds is to build up a sum of money to cover […]

Lifts and their maintenance

Lifts and their maintenance should be a priority area for your management company. As a minimum, we suggest residents should insist on the following: A maintenance agreement At Revolution we have group service contracts with a number of major maintainers. These highly rated lift installers and maintainers. We ensure that when appointed we review the […]

Pets at home

Pets, can I have one in my house or apartment? Pets in apartments and houses, can I have one is a question that we don’t get asked very often, but we really should be asked every time people think about getting a pet. The lease for the apartment or house will normally have a clause […]

Insurance, why you need it?

Everyone needs insurance cover. Some you have to buy and some we provide. Find out a little more by reading this article. Building insurance The management company of the freeholder for your building will insure the actual bricks and mortar of the building. This is called the building insurance policy. Imagine being able to pick […]