Monthly Archives: September 2017

Conveyancing process

So you’ve bought your property. What does your solicitor have to do? There are a number of things which have to happen during the conveyancing process which we’ve listed below in very simple terms. These are to protect you and also other parties involved in your purchase including the mortgage company, service charge company, etc. […]

Sales pack for selling your property

Sales Pack You’ve sold your property, but what is the sales pack that you’re told you need and why do you have to pay for it? You’ve decided it’s time to move and have put your property on the market. Once you’ve received an offer and accepted this, you and the buyer will have to […]

Fat balls, what are they?

Fat balls sound revolting, but what are they? Of an evening when you cook your family meal often if you’re cooking meat, you’ll have some fat leak from the meat into the cooking pan. In short, pouring this down the sink drain causes fat balls. We had a recent issue at an apartment block where […]

Property management company

Sometimes landlords or leaseholders need help to manage a building, and that’s where a property management company (such as Revolution) comes in. This is also known as block management (to be fair, we don’t really have a set title for what we do). What does a property management company do? In order to manage a […]