Monthly Archives: October 2017

Lancaster House, Manchester

Takeover of Lancaster House, Manchester Lancaster House is attached to a building called Lancaster 80 in Manchester. Lancaster House was managed under an agreement with its landlord by a different agent. This meant for a number of years we had the odd approach of Revolution managing some items and Lancaster House managing others. Not […]

Clothes recycling bins

What do you do with your old clothes? How about recycling them?? At Revolution we are always keen to bring new services to our customers, and even better if they can benefit others. We have deployed at a number of our larger sites clothes recycling bins. We didn’t know at the time if they would […]

Telephone communication

Have we stopped communicating by telephone? Following on from last week’s article, we’ve been looking at how to speed up our business and what are the ‘pinch points’ for us. A pinch point is part of the process where things slow down or stop, sometimes also called a bottleneck. We are now more and more […]

Effective ways to communicate

How do you communicate effectively with people in apartment buildings? How to communicate effectively is a great question and one which keeps changing rapidly. When we started Revolution 15 years ago the main form of communication was by letter. We were one of the first managing agents to use email for mass communication. Over the […]

Unwanted furniture

Unwanted furniture What do you do with your unwanted furniture if you are buying a new settee, bed, mattress, washing machine, cooker or fridge but you live in an apartment? First starting point, if you are getting a new large item these are normally delivered to your home by the company you purchase it from. […]