Monthly Archives: November 2017

Launch of Property Management Reminders system

We have been trying to resolve the age-old property management problem of retaining building knowledge for the benefit of new site staff and residents and so improving the quality of the buildings we manage. After much brainstorming, we’ve created our new Property Management Reminders system which is an automated instruction built into our MyRevolution building management system. How does the […]

Comparison table

So, it’s time to sell your property and move on, or you might be taking advantage of a better mortgage offer, but how do you make it happen? Take a look at our comparison table. If you’re selling you’ll need to find a buyer or if you’re remortgaging a new deal. Now you need someone […]

Property Manager Mentor

After a year of touring New Zealand (and many photographs) Nathan Lumb returns to join the Revolution family as a property manager mentor. Previously, Nathan worked for Revolution as a building manager covering a number of sites across Manchester including a number of key new buildings Revolution took over at that time. We were really sad […]