Monthly Archives: January 2018

Weekly Surgery

You can’t know everything, especially in property management. Every building is different, its residents have different expectations and every building has different leases adding vast complexity to being a property manager. Every week something will crop up where the next actions are not clear and we’ve been reviewing how to get around these differences more […]

Electric immersion tank

Does your apartment have an electric immersion tank to heat the water? If it does then read on as this article could save you a few hundred pounds each year. Often the immersion tanks installed 10 years ago were a permanently on unit, the idea being that the tanks are well insulated and that once […]

Changes to use of credit card

You may have heard but from the 13th January this year companies can no longer charge you a percentage of your payment for paying by credit card or debit card. This is an EU ruling which won’t be overturned after Brexit. You can read more about it here: Credit card surcharges At Revolution we used to […]

Introducing our Tender Toolbox

What is a Tender Toolbox? At Revolution, we are always really keen to help and talk with people managed by other property managers. If we can actually talk to people it doesn’t take long for them to understand there is a better way for things to be done. Talking is easy, but how do apartment owners […]