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Did you know that in 2015/2016 the number of deaths by candles trebled? This has been exacerbated by the scented candle craze. Christmas time also sees a great rise in candle fires (11% compared to 4% normally) as there are decorations around the house, with some catching fire easily. Did you also know one candle […]

Fire detection systems

Fire detection systems are denoted by the size of a building, building construction, planning requirements, etc. Some things though are mandatory. Below, we’ve tried to explain as many systems as possible. Internal smoke and heat detectors Ever burnt the toast and suddenly the whole world seems to be filled with screeching alarms? Annoying, but it’s […]

Fire extinguishers in communal corridors

Can we have fire extinguishers in the communal corridors? You’ll think this a strange answer, but no. There are good reasons why not and below we’ve listed a number of the main reasons for communal areas being extinguisher free. If there is a fire the guidance is to leave the area immediately. A fire extinguisher […]


Compartmentalisation is a big word, and it really has a big meaning when it comes to your safety in relation to fire protection. Your apartment and the building you live in have a number of hidden and unnoticed things built in to protect you. In a modern building, each apartment is designed to withstand fire […]

There’s a fire! Stay put? Are you mad?

Have you ever heard of a stay put policy in relation to fire? Well, living in an apartment block is very different to living in a house. If you had a fire in your house you’d get out prompt. The benefit of a house is you are never far from getting out to ground level, […]