Monthly Archives: April 2018

Save money on your TV viewing

There is a snobbery around Sky TV compared to other ways of receiving TV. This does seem to be waning slightly with the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. The internet has made TV a much easier product to consume. Here’s how to save money on your TV viewing. Last week, I received notification that […]

Being ahead of the competition

At Revolution, we have found being different and being ahead of the competition easy. There is an expression we like called “disruptive innovators”, and this is what Revolution is. A disruptive innovator comes to a stale marketplace and then shakes it up. A great example of a disruptive innovator is Uber. Taxis thought they had […]

Our live customer satisfaction ratings

At Revolution, we are bringing higher and higher standards of customer service to property management by using our live customer satisfaction ratings to continually check the performance of our staff in delivering the service you want. If you make contact with us we will manage your issue, and once completed (24 hours after we close the […]

Service level agreement

What is a service level agreement? This is where a company will set a standard time to undertake an action for you, and then it will measure its performance against that standard. We have a number of internal service levels for which we manage our performance against a standard we set to ensure we continually manage […]