Monthly Archives: November 2018

Car parks

When Revolution started 12 years ago, parking at apartment buildings was a requirement of nearly everyone. Now we find that car parks are, in some cases, standing half empty. This is more an issue for those buildings inside the city centre. Getting into the city by car becomes more and more difficult given road works […]


Hands up if you are on LinkedIn. If you’re involved in business management of some sort you might well have been contacted by numerous recruitment companies. We remember before the last financial troubles being hounded (by phone then) by recruitment companies. At the time, the financial troubles which followed seemed to kill this industry, but […]

Salt and grit on snow and ice

Well, winter is on its way after the best summer in years. People say we’ll get a hard winter, but it’s impossible to know. At Revolution, we check the long-range forecast for the weather each month (you’ll be glad to know November is going to be mild).  One of the reasons for this is to ensure each […]