Washing machine leak hell – it could be you!

Water leak

This is a story of a washing machine leak caused by something we probably all do but this time it caused thousands of pounds of damage. Most washing machines and dishwashers now have timers built in. Last week the down side of timers (and residents not being at home whilst machines operate) was demonstrated with damaging effect.

The washing machine leak pictured had a massive failure which caused the drum to rupture and water to flood out, it then continued to try and fill with mains water which caused further flooding. The apartment below had water flooding through the ceiling lights (see the video clip below), smoke detectors and even through the joints in the plasterboard. As this was in the evening a contractor attended site to pinpoint the leaking apartment which took time whilst the havoc got worse.

The apartment below the washing machine leak had its owner in so they managed the leak by placing buckets and pans to catch a lot of the water but their sofa and table are ruined along with all the flooring having to be ripped up and a number of walls needing to be replastered. They will have to move out when the repairs start and currently are living in a mess.

Had the resident above been in when the problem happened things would have been very different with far less damage. The machine would have still malfunctioned and water would have still escaped but the amount would have been far less.

The moral of the story is, where possible, don’t let any household product (washer, tumble dryer, dishwasher etc) function when you’re not in. Also one further note is that appliances can catch fire, between 2011 to March 2014 there were 12,000 reported fires caused by electrical items. 14% were washing machines, 12% tumble dryers and 11 dishwashers. Its not worth the damage an unattended machine can cause.

Click here to see water pouring through apartment ceiling!