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What do you do with your old clothes? How about recycling them??

At Revolution we are always keen to bring new services to our customers, and even better if they can benefit others. We have deployed at a number of our larger sites clothes recycling bins.

We didn’t know at the time if they would be of use or they would produce a great deal for the charity. The charity (Aegis Trust) have been astounded at how successful these locations have been, and last year our site alone generated around £60,000 of income for the charity.

Britons expected to send 235m items of clothing to landfill this spring

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Aegis say:
We bring together schools/colleges and Guardianship Organisations to ensure and promote the welfare of international students, aged 18 or under, studying at UK schools/colleges. AEGIS provides a forum for best practice for schools/colleges and Guardianship Organisations through regular workshops and conferences.

If any of the other managing agents are reading this article (yes, we do all look at each other’s websites) then do the same, or if you live in a building not managed by Revolution then ask your managing agent to speak to this charity about putting a clothes recycling bin in place.

Alternatively, if you like our proactive approach then come and talk to us!

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