The Revolution way

At Revolution we are different. This video gives you an idea of how we are doing this. From our simple meter reading system, the filing cabinet for your building documents, the single login regardless of the number of apartments through to online payments and a full log of every communication you have with us.

We want our systems to be open and visible to you all. If we hold data, why can’t you see it? This has been our philosophy and ethos.

Communication is also key to good building management but how do you do this when a building has multiple people to talk to? Again we have harnessed the power of ticketing software. What’s that? Well, ticketing software is designed to track your issue from the moment it’s raised under a unique ID number. You can see this ticket in your MyRevolution account and also interact with it. They also stay there for your future reference.

We’ve chosen to partner with  Zendesk to provide our ticket service. Our systems link seamlessly to give you the most joined up experience available. MyRevolution scares our competitors as they’ve seen nothing like it before.

We’re also always looking for additional feedback on services you might like. See our article on car park control which came from such input.

Being a property management company doesn’t mean we have to do things the old way, the way our competitors do. If you want a different way try the Revolution way.