ANPR cures parking problems!

We even open the car park gates for you using automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)!

One of the biggest problems that we have across our sites is controlling car parking. If everybody behaved or was careful to ensure they were in the correct space then this problem wouldn’t exist. Sadly, there are always a few in each building that create a problem for the many or simply get things wrong.

With this in mind, we have to have a method of controlling parking in buildings and the only method historically that has been available is ticketing and permits. Both of these solutions are less than customer focused.

No more car park fobs required!

Well, at Revolution we are trialling a new way of managing car parks. We are currently testing an Automatic Number Plate Recognition system (ANPR). This is linked to our customer portal (MyRevolution). The customer (owner or tenant) manages their vehicle number plates inside their MyRevolution account.

When the customer comes home the gates open automatically due to recognising their number plate. No more fobs! What this means is that every car at site is known to us, and should one be parked incorrectly we know who to speak to quickly to resolve the problem. This is much better than simply placing a fine on the car in question.

Revolution is always looking for new ways to resolve problems.

Additional information about ANPR