Being ahead of the competition

Revolution Property Management

At Revolution, we have found being different and being ahead of the competition easy. There is an expression we like called “disruptive innovators”, and this is what Revolution is. A disruptive innovator comes to a stale marketplace and then shakes it up.

A great example of a disruptive innovator is Uber. Taxis thought they had the market sewn up and so had no need to improve or be better. Service was shocking and the cars quite frankly substandard. Now you can have an app so you see your taxi arrive and this builds customer confidence. You travel in a nice car and it doesn’t cost the earth.

We’ve used similar processes to give our customers confidence. We’ve had our web portal designed from the ground up. It’s not bought off the shelf like our competition. We’ve designed it around what an apartment resident or owner would need. You can order meter readings, search your lease, see online documents, pay online, raise issues, and see all your communication in one place.

Every time you contact us this communication appears in your account. You can search this so that you can find historic items if you think they’ve happened before. The whole process has been to open the doors of information and let you have this.

You’ll find the contracts set up for your building and their cost and a graph of when things happen at site so you’ll always know when the window cleaning is due. We upload all sorts of documents from accounts and budgets through to building reviews.

It always amazes us that a software company hasn’t already written this program, but then our industry generally is about 20 years behind the rest of the world. Its view of customers is tell them as little as possible and treat them like the enemy. Well, you’ll find a newly disrupted world at Revolution where innovation is key to being different as well as being ahead of the competition. We may be property managers, but we’re nothing like our competition!