There are so many options for broadband these days.

When you live in an apartment you probably have more options of broadband supplier. You don’t have to simply be stuck with using broadband through the BT phone socket. This will normally be one of the slowest options.

Below we’ve listed some options you could consider:

Mobile broadband via your phone (hotspot)
If you are only in a location for a short period of time or don’t really use broadband for much more than emails and some surfing, this can be a highly economical way of getting access to the internet. Unless you’re using an old Nokia style phone, most modern handsets have a function called “hotspot”. This turns your phone into a mini router. You then connect to it as normal. Be warned though, you are using your mobile data allowance so make sure you have a few gigabytes of data or the bill could rocket.

Mobile broadband via a mobile router
Some mobile networks specialise in selling mini routers with data only sim cards. The card in your mobile will have voice calls built into the bundle. In these routers there is no need for this allowance and so you get more data to use. These also allow people to connect to the router which you leave at home. Some of the modern routers are rechargeable and so are mobile. This is one step up from hotspotting.

Cable (Virgin)
Your building may be wired for cable TV. If it is, then you have an excellent solution. Not only do you get easy connection to cable TV, but you can get some really fast download speeds. You can buy a package including TV, broadband and phone all wrapped up in one. You can often tag on a mobile as well!

New providers such as hyperoptic
There are a raft of new providers coming to the market. A number of these bring their service directly to the building and then wire the building to your apartment. This brings you great download speeds at relatively economical prices. These providers can often offer you a home phone service because they don’t need to use the BT cabling coming to your home so you save the cost of paying anything to BT. You can even take your landline phone number to your new provider and so save any confusion with updating people with a new number.

Less popular but some sites have a Wi-Fi option or you can hook into a Wi-Fi provider near you. You’d have to do a search on your mobile to locate one. Downsides are speed and often restrictions. Again, it can be a good solution for short periods of time/use.

Other providers through BT socket
This will be the slowest of download options for you. There are a vast number of providers who will bring their broadband to you via the BT cabling. They will all have the same maximum speed as they use the same cable. Don’t be conned by what they tell you you’ll get. Ask a neighbour what download speed they get or use an online checking service such as:


So, who would have thought getting broadband could have so many options. You need to think about what you need – speed versus time online, etc.

Quick warning. If you use things like Netflix or TV online don’t go with a mobile solution as you will be consuming vasts amounts of data!