Car parks

Empty car parks

When Revolution started 12 years ago, parking at apartment buildings was a requirement of nearly everyone. Now we find that car parks are, in some cases, standing half empty. This is more an issue for those buildings inside the city centre.

Getting into the city by car becomes more and more difficult given road works and sheer volume. Over the past 15 years, the tram has also expanded vastly along with new services such as Uber and Park and Drive. Link this to the actual cost of owning a car, and we can start to understand why cars are not so important for the city dweller.

Coming over the next 15 years might be items delivered by drones, cars that drive themselves, 3D printers, etc. These might all further remove the need for our own cars.

So, in 20 years’ time will apartment blocks still have car parks? We think not in the city centre. On the outskirts and in the country, yes. We’ll never have a transport system which services all remote areas. So, could we have swathes of car parks empty? Possibly.

Some car parks might get turned into additional flats, but being at ground level this may not be desirable. A lot of parking is also underground, so finding uses could be interesting. Perhaps we’ll end up in flying cars and then still need flying car parks!