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Buildings joining Revolution

Cherry picker for window cleaning

Continuing the theme of window cleaning from last week, we are going to look at cleaning of windows using a cherry picker. What’s a cherry picker? A cherry picker is generally a lorry or a small van with the back removed. This is then replaced with a platform and a basket linked to an extending […]

Reach and wash system for window cleaning

Have you seen windows being cleaned by a man stood on the pavement with a very long pole with a brush on the end and water coming out of the brush? If you have, you’ll have seen the system which is called reach and wash being used on the building. There are a number of […]

Introducing our Tender Toolbox

What is a Tender Toolbox? At Revolution, we are always really keen to help and talk with people managed by other property managers. If we can actually talk to people it doesn’t take long for them to understand there is a better way for things to be done. Talking is easy, but how do apartment owners […]

Revolution ethos

Ethos is the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its attitudes. Sounds a mouthful or something that falls out of the mouth of a marketing person. At Revolution, we often speak of our ethos and to make sure that we never forget it we even have it written on our […]

Lancaster House, Manchester

Takeover of Lancaster House, Manchester Lancaster House is attached to a building called Lancaster 80 in Manchester. Our Managing Director, Lee Burkitt, owned an apartment in Lancaster 80 many years ago and prior to setting up Revolution Property Limited. Lancaster House was managed under an agreement with its landlord by a different agent. This […]

Property management company

Sometimes landlords or leaseholders need help to manage a building, and that’s where a property management company (such as Revolution) comes in. This is also known as block management (to be fair, we don’t really have a set title for what we do). What does a property management company do? In order to manage a […]

Right to manage

What is right to manage and why do you need it? Right to manage is mainly used in situations where the landlord (normally the company who own the land the building is on or the building itself) of the building manages the building, and the leaseholders (apartment owners) have no say in what happens. This […]

Reserve Funds for future maintenance

Reserve funds, future maintenance, preventive maintenance are all titles for the same thing, which is saving for a rainy day. Many leases provide for the landlord to collect sums in advance to create one or more reserve or ‘sinking’ funds. The purpose of such funds is to build up a sum of money to cover […]

Private rental sector, what is it?

Have you noticed large apartment blocks going up around Manchester? They may be Private Rental Sector sites. Well, the majority of these are owned within the Private Rental Sector (PRS).  Currently there are 12 skyscrapers of more than 30 stories with the tallest being 66 stories in height. There are over 10,000 apartments due to […]

Rogue managing agents

Don’t fall for a rogue You’re looking for a new managing agent. You’ve been with one of the big agents and felt like a number with little importance. So where do you go? The next stage is to swing the other way and look for a smaller local agent to manage the site. They’re going […]