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Cherry picker for window cleaning

Continuing the theme of window cleaning from last week, we are going to look at cleaning of windows using a cherry picker. What’s a cherry picker? A cherry picker is generally a lorry or a small van with the back removed. This is then replaced with a platform and a basket linked to an extending […]

Reach and wash system for window cleaning

Have you seen windows being cleaned by a man stood on the pavement with a very long pole with a brush on the end and water coming out of the brush? If you have, you’ll have seen the system which is called reach and wash being used on the building. There are a number of […]


We often find that in winter we get reports of mould and damp patches. Often, we find this is condensation, but we know it’s often one of the hardest things to convince the resident that the mould/damp could be caused by their activities. Condensation is when the air in the apartment has water in it. […]

Electric immersion tank

Does your apartment have an electric immersion tank to heat the water? If it does then read on as this article could save you a few hundred pounds each year. Often the immersion tanks installed 10 years ago were a permanently on unit, the idea being that the tanks are well insulated and that once […]

Introducing our Tender Toolbox

What is a Tender Toolbox? At Revolution, we are always really keen to help and talk with people managed by other property managers. If we can actually talk to people it doesn’t take long for them to understand there is a better way for things to be done. Talking is easy, but how do apartment owners […]

Launch of Property Management Reminders system

We have been trying to resolve the age-old property management problem of retaining building knowledge for the benefit of new site staff and residents and so improving the quality of the buildings we manage. After much brainstorming, we’ve created our new Property Management Reminders system which is an automated instruction built into our MyRevolution building management system. How does the […]

Comparison table

So, it’s time to sell your property and move on, or you might be taking advantage of a better mortgage offer, but how do you make it happen? Take a look at our comparison table. If you’re selling you’ll need to find a buyer or if you’re remortgaging a new deal. Now you need someone […]

Clothes recycling bins

What do you do with your old clothes? How about recycling them?? At Revolution we are always keen to bring new services to our customers, and even better if they can benefit others. We have deployed at a number of our larger sites clothes recycling bins. We didn’t know at the time if they would […]

Telephone communication

Have we stopped communicating by telephone? Following on from last week’s article, we’ve been looking at how to speed up our business and what are the ‘pinch points’ for us. A pinch point is part of the process where things slow down or stop, sometimes also called a bottleneck. We are now more and more […]

Effective ways to communicate

How do you communicate effectively with people in apartment buildings? How to communicate effectively is a great question and one which keeps changing rapidly. When we started Revolution 15 years ago the main form of communication was by letter. We were one of the first managing agents to use email for mass communication. Over the […]