Comparison table

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So, it’s time to sell your property and move on, or you might be taking advantage of a better mortgage offer, but how do you make it happen? Take a look at our comparison table.

If you’re selling you’ll need to find a buyer or if you’re remortgaging a new deal. Now you need someone to do the conveyancing. Where do you go? Who can you ask?  These people are called conveyancers and there are loads of them out there working for loads of companies. How do you find the best quote or the one nearest to you? Years ago you’d have picked up the yellow pages and called loads of solicitors. Now you still have to invest a load of time contacting companies for quotes and then comparing them yourself. Save your time and use the comparison table we have on our site. You only have to put a few bits of information into it to gain comparison quotes nationally and locally. This can be done for purchase, sale, remortage or a combination.

You can then get your solicitor in place ready for the big day when you get the offer you want or you find the new property of your dreams. If you are remortgaging, then you will probably only be interested in the bottom line cost of using the service. This tool gives you the ability to check costs or if you have a preferred conveyancer already use this to check their cost.

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