Effective ways to communicate

Effective ways to communicate

How do you communicate effectively with people in apartment buildings?

How to communicate effectively is a great question and one which keeps changing rapidly. When we started Revolution 15 years ago the main form of communication was by letter. We were one of the first managing agents to use email for mass communication. Over the last 15 years we’ve seen the rise of social media, faster broadband, Google, mobile phones, text messaging and WhatsApp, and the list goes on.

So we thought it might be a great time to look at some of these and how they work for talking to people in the buildings we manage:

We still sometimes communicate by letter but very rarely and believe there are better ways of communicating these days.

Email is still a great form of communication but things can get missed or lost due to people’s ever increasing inboxes. What was read instantly five years ago can now sit in an inbox for days.

Social media has patchy results for property management companies at customer level. There is always the drive of the disgruntled customer to vent on social media. We don’t mind this approach as it allows us to respond constructively. Our view is people viewing our Facebook or Twitter page, for instance, will at least see we respond and take action.

We’d love to use WhatsApp but it belongs to Facebook who have no plans to open it up to integration.

At Revolution we use a ticket software system. Ticketing is the new email. You get a reference number and you can track your ticket actions in your online account with us. All communication about any subject relating to a property is in one place. We also use mass tickets which means our system allows us to inform whole buildings and sites via the ticket system of up and coming issues or works such as window cleaning, etc

Our MyRevolution portal is forming more and more of our communication strategy, based around communication when you want it. Log in and see what is happening or if problems have been reported and track them. You can also view building documents and maintenance plans.

We are about to launch online chat and we believe from our studies this will remove up to 50% of current telephone calls. It also logs the conversation on your account and keeps a track of actions for you.

We answer 96% of all our telephone calls 24 hours a day. It’s still a great form of communication and the one which cures problems the quickest. There’s often nothing as good as a chat to understand and resolve problems.

Revolution is embracing new ways of talking and bringing this to our customers.