Fact Sheet – Laptop

What does the product do?

The humble Windows laptop. A lot of us probably own one now.

How much carbon does it produce?

Whilst reviewing this we did find an article stating that it would emit carbon if on fire and the user should stop using it! Interestingly, all the articles we found on this issue referred to the emissions from making and then breaking up (recycling) the laptop with most giving a laptop a 4-year life.

Below is based purely on the electricity used by the unit and not its life expectancy:

6133 gallons of CO2 gas per year

6133 gallons of CO2 gas per year

How to help reduce the carbon it produces

  • Don’t use it as much and go out and have some fun!
  • Turn it off when you’re not using it.
  • Turn down the screen brightness or set it to auto.
  • Turn on power saving.
  • Update your laptop to a lower energy unit (make sure the old one is recycled).

We have based these figures on a laptop being on 6 hours per day and consuming 60 watts per hour. We’ve found this one really hard to research as the online data does seem inconsistent but then there are so many different laptops out there.