Fact Sheet – Washing Machine

What does the product do?

The humble washing machine can wash your clothes in many different ways in different loads sizes. Most washing machines now have a built-in tumble dryer using what’s called condenser technology.

How much carbon does it produce?

Based upon a 5kg load of washing:

Washed at 40 degrees and dried on a clothes airer = 0.7kg of carbon or:

93 gallons of CO2 gas

Washed at 40 degrees and tumble dried in a washer dryer = 3.3kg or:

438 gallons of CO2 gas

How to help reduce the carbon a washing machine produces

  • Reduce the washing temperature.
  • Dry clothes on a clothes dryer rather than a tumble dryer.
  • Always fill the washing machine fully.
  • If your washing machine is getting on, new machines can be around 10% more efficient.
  • Are you washing clothes unnecessarily? Does it really need to go in the wash?

Tumble drying

If you use your tumble dryer twice per week you are adding about a quarter of a ton of C02 each year to the atmosphere. Most modern tumble dryers have a condenser which turns the steam back into water and blows the hot air into the home, so there is an additional benefit of heating.

Please note, the figures above are only averages as every make and model of an appliance can be very different.