Introducing our Tender Toolbox

Contractor recommendation

What is a Tender Toolbox? At Revolution, we are always really keen to help and talk with people managed by other property managers. If we can actually talk to people it doesn’t take long for them to understand there is a better way for things to be done. Talking is easy, but how do apartment owners know what they need to ask their potential new property manager or how to approach them in a consistent fashion?

Well, we’ve created a documented approach to help anyone thinking of changing property manager. Our aim has been to make the process far less daunting and much easier to start. It covers the basics of where to start, who to talk to and how to measure their responses using preformatted letters and tender documents.

The Tender Toolbox has been created to stimulate you to think about how you want your building managed, what you want to change and also what you might like about the current situation. We often talk to new clients who are very clear about what they dislike with the current property manager but then don’t seem to have the clearest vision for the what the new property manager should do. Without clarity, at the beginning you risk damaging the relationship with the new property manager as well.

Worse still is that the new property manager is unclear what you want and so starts to act under their own remit thinking this is what is required. This can work or cause massive problems. You would hope though that through regular meetings with the new property manager these problems could be ironed out quickly. It’s much better though if you are setting the agenda.

In an ideal world, you will know what you want (our Tender Toolbox will help you do this) and you then use the preformatted tender documents within the Tender Toolbox to brief each property management company you approach. Each company will then have the same brief and be able to discuss their solutions with you based around a common set of agreed requirements. This will mean you will ultimately be presented with a number of tenders which are like for like and more easy to compare. You might be lucky in your interviewing and have a clear winner, but if you have two or three managers all very similar this process will help you decide.

Finally, having followed a set process means your decision to change can’t be challenged by other leaseholders. If there are questions about your choice of new property manager you can provide all the documentation to answer anyone’s questions.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.