Lancaster House, Manchester

Right to Manage - Lancaster House, Manchester

Takeover of Lancaster House, Manchester

Lancaster House is attached to a building called Lancaster 80 in Manchester.

Lancaster House was managed under an agreement with its landlord by a different agent. This meant for a number of years we had the odd approach of Revolution managing some items and Lancaster House managing others. Not great.

Recently, a number of residents at Lancaster House came to Revolution asking us for assistance. Their aim was for Revolution to manage Lancaster House as well as Lancaster 80.

The starting point to find a route to self-management for the building was a full assessment. After this it was clear there was only one option, ‘right to manage’. (link to our previous article). This required over 50% of leaseholders to agree. The process of gaining support was worked on by the group and Revolution together. We had to track owners down and then explain the process and its merits. This is always the hardest part of meeting the criteria. Imagine if your building is 80% rental tenants (as many are), finding a number of owners who don’t live there is challenging. Don’t let this put you off though.

Once we gained the required support we were off and started the process of ‘right to manage’. We managed the information flow and followed the required legal process. It worked and now the residents will manage their own building from 1st January 2018. We completed this process without charge!

This is really exciting now as we can look at completing tasks together with Lancaster 80 to reduce costs and improve the appearance of the whole area.

‘Right to manage’ can be hard to complete but it is really worth looking into. There are a number of technicalities around the process to consider. You can talk to a solicitor about this but they do always want to charge you. If you’d like our input or a review of the possibilities of this for your building then please contact us.