Launch of Property Management Reminders system

Property Management Reminders system

We have been trying to resolve the age-old property management problem of retaining building knowledge for the benefit of new site staff and residents and so improving the quality of the buildings we manage. After much brainstorming, we’ve created our new Property Management Reminders system which is an automated instruction built into our MyRevolution building management system.

How does the Property Management Reminders system work?

Imagine you report an issue to us such as the bin room not being checked every day, we discuss this with the site staff and the problem is resolved. This person then has a holiday or moves to a different site. How does the new person know this has to happen? Well, going forward the new person will receive the same reminder that the previous person received. These reminders are set in MyRevolution and can have any sequence required – daily, weekly, etc. The reminder has to be replied to by the site staff. If they don’t reply back MyRevolution escalates the request to the building manager to find out why it’s not been done. If the site staff find a problem such as a heavy item dumped in the bin room they can reply back with a picture and this goes into your property administrator’s work queue for actioning within 24 hours.

This system can be used for higher level reminders such as weekly walk-arounds down to the whole cleaning schedule if required. It means that site staff know exactly what they have to do and we have an audit trail of these for the leaseholders.

Removing repetition

Nearly everything that happens at a building will have to happen again. Remembering all this can be hard given every building is different. This system makes creating better buildings easier as remembering things is automated.

How can you use this system?

If you live in a Revolution managed building and you feel that something is being missed let us know. We will plan it into the schedule for you. This will then mean that you should never have to raise the issue again.