LED lighting / light bulbs – save money now

LED lighting

LED Lighting – do you have old style spot light bulbs?

Have you heard of LED lighting? A good quality LED spot light bulb costs around £5.00 and will last for up to 5 years.

A traditional spot light bulb of 50 watts costs £17.52 a year to run*

An LED lighting equivalent bulb costs £1.05 a year to run!

Go and count how many spot light bulbs are in your apartment (bathroom, kitchen, lounge, etc). You’ll be amazed when you go around your bathroom and kitchen how many of these bulbs are in your apartment. Every one is burning electric and costing you money. LED lighting also lasts around 5 years so no more regular bulb changes. 

Most modern apartments will have around 10 spot light bulbs with a potential saving of £175.20 per year in electric usage for no difference whatsoever.  You can also get really cool colours and even remote control bulbs you can have high up and change the colour like you change the channel on your television! 

Your managing agent should be looking at replacing the lights in the communal areas with LED lighting as well. We’ve done this in lots of car parks. You can retain the old fitting but put a new bulb in its place. Best of all, they last around 5 years without needing changing.