Lifts and their maintenance


Lifts and their maintenance should be a priority area for your management company. As a minimum, we suggest residents should insist on the following:

A maintenance agreement

At Revolution we have group service contracts with a number of major maintainers. These highly rated lift installers and maintainers. We ensure that when appointed we review the lift contractor to ensure this is value for money and also fit for purpose. Never go for a call out only policy as this will always cost you more. You need a policy which includes parts and labour

Lifts and their automated dialers

If possible always carry your mobile phone. All lifts should have an autodialler which will call for help should you get stranded. Your mobile phone will give you additional comfort should the worse happen. If you find yourself trapped stay calm, help will be on its way

Lifts and how they should be regularly cleaned

The building cleaners need to ensure the lift door runners are kept clean. Especially Christmas when people are moving trees around. If the door runners get clogged the lift will stop working. It’s a simple but important thing.

Lifts and misuse 

Misuse such as jumping in the lift or repeatedly preventing the door from shutting can cause the lift to fail and, with call outs for misuse costing hundreds of pounds, these incidents can be easily avoided with common sense.

What to do if you’re trapped in a lift

In the worst case you could end up for a period of time trapped in the lift. Should the lift stop the first thing to do is press a button for a different floor to see if this will reactivate the lift. Should this not succeed then using the alarm button press this to be connected to the lift maintainer. Bear in mind that the engineer could take around an hour to attend.

Remain calm and do not attempt to force open the doors. Opening the doors by force could expose the lift shaft below. This is highly dangerous. If you feel panicked you can either call the alarm button again and ask the operator to send the fire brigade who will free you or do so from your mobile phone.

The lift maintenance company will be happy to update you via use of the alarm button as many times as you need while you are in the lift.

Please be reassured the lift cannot drop in the shaft and whilst not the most pleasant place to be stranded you are completely safe.


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