Our live customer satisfaction ratings

Live satisfaction ratings

At Revolution, we are bringing higher and higher standards of customer service to property management by using our live customer satisfaction ratings to continually check the performance of our staff in delivering the service you want.

If you make contact with us we will manage your issue, and once completed (24 hours after we close the issue) you’ll receive a simple yes/no question by email to rate if you were happy with how the problem was dealt with. There is provision for you to add any further information if required.

From all the surveys the system sends out we have a 20% response rate. If you are into marketing statistics and response rates, you’ll appreciate how high this is. Given the rate of 90% satisfaction, this becomes even more impressive. Companies who give poor service often have a higher response rate as people like to raise their issues. This isn’t the case with Revolution.

We use your responses for our monthly awards process for our staff so that they are driven to perform better and better. It also creates a healthy rivalry in the office between teams.

We’ve also learnt loads from the feedback, and every time we get a negative response we investigate why. This process has brought to light some simple changes to customer service processes which have had a great impact on how our service is received. It’s allowed us to reflect on some processes and make them better.

We run on average at 90% satisfaction. This is customers rating Revolution. This is a phenomenal figure and can be viewed live on our website:

Customer satisfaction rating

Our MD is so impressed with our live customer satisfaction ratings that he has the written feedback turned into a video for use on the office display screens each month. It’s hard to gain good feedback so it should be used whenever possible.

To anyone who receives one of these simple surveys, please give us your feedback. We get better by listening to your comments and suggestions. We also don’t get everything right, but your feedback would allow us to contemplate where things haven’t been great and make them better. Thank you for the time you take in supporting us.