My name is Lee, and I own Revolution Property Management.
I have the best team managing a number of great buildings.

I wanted to write a quick page to give a bit of clarity and confidence to what is a big change, ie, the appointment of a new property management company for your building.

When I started Revolution, I was probably where you are now if you are reading this page. I lived in a building where we were completely disillusioned with the current property management company. There was a lot of talk about a change of management company but no one actually driving that for the building.

Coming from a customer service background, I couldn’t understand why we were treated so badly and why things couldn’t be done better. I took this ethos and started Revolution.

So you want to change but where do you start? If you can get a group together in your building and then if possible get a list of the things that you are not happy with or you feel are not happening, this will give you a good insight into what you want going forward from your new management company.

Go and see a number of management companies,  but make sure you know what you don’t want and also what you do want. Also, make sure you can give your prospective new management company a really good explanation of your vision for the future. Importantly, have the conversations and do not worry about change. Change is always good and healthy.

Have a read of some of the other pages under this section for more information.