Passwords – we have so many!

Over the past 18 months, I have found it harder and harder to keep track of all of my passwords and websites. In property management, we are obsessed with data protection and this keeps bringing new security processes, but this does make things seem to be getting more and more difficult. The solution I looked at was some form of password manager.

A password manager is a small encrypted program that can either sit on your computer or is housed in the cloud. There are a number of these available – just do a search under “password managers”.

Each one operates slightly differently, but the aim is that you have one difficult master password to get into the password manager. Inside the password manager, you then control all of your other passwords. These remain encrypted, and to be super secure you should use a two-stage authentication system on the password manager. This is all built into most of them as standard.

So, now when you go to your browser or your mobile phone and you enter a website, the password manager will know that website and will automatically bring up your password (not visible). When you open a new account it will automatically store those details for you. Imagine all the accounts you have for shopping, banks, emails, routers, doctors, holidays, electric, etc. The list just keeps going on. Over two months my chosen password manager has collected 60 different sets of logins for me. I had to remember these or perform password resets. I’d set up an account to be told I’d got one already!

Each password manager will do different things as well like allow you to give your partner access to your passwords in an emergency, have a database on your pc or in the cloud, store more documents or store just passwords. Investigate one of these as it will save you so much time and effort.