Property Manager Mentor

Nathan Lumb, Property Manager Mentor

After a year of touring New Zealand (and many photographs) Nathan Lumb returns to join the Revolution family as a property manager mentor.

Previously, Nathan worked for Revolution as a building manager covering a number of sites across Manchester including a number of key new buildings Revolution took over at that time. We were really sad when he announced he was off to tour New Zealand for a year late in 2016. The feedback from the buildings he managed was that they would also miss him greatly. Thankfully, the travel bug is out of his system and we welcome him back in his new role as a property manager mentor, which totally suits his skills set and knowledge from his previous role with us. 

Nathan will now look after all of our existing building managers and their property administrators to aid better building management. Nathan’s role will also include new business development as Revolution continues its stable growth plan for the future.

Between now and Christmas Nathan will visiting a number of our buildings along with their building managers. The aim is to now give the building managers additional support which will in turn mean even higher standards at site.

This is a really exciting time for Revolution and our building management teams as we look at creating higher standards at every point of contact we have with buildings and their residents.