Lee Burkitt

Hands up if you are on LinkedIn. If you’re involved in business management of some sort you might well have been contacted by numerous recruitment companies. We remember before the last financial troubles being hounded (by phone then) by recruitment companies. At the time, the financial troubles which followed seemed to kill this industry, but not now.

Every recruitment person wants to be our friend and can get us the best staff! Personally, I don’t think so.

At Revolution, we conduct our own recruitment of staff and then we do our best to train and grow the recruits. Some leave (as in any company) and some stay to take on promotion after promotion. The majority of our building managers started life as facilities assistants answering the phones. Our office manager started in the accounts department as did our operations director.

It is key for us to employ people from other industries as they bring new skills and ideas. The property management industry is not the most dynamic of industries, and so we want to bring some of the sparkle from those other careers into Revolution. New eyes and ideas make for a great service.

What we’ve also found works really well, is for the actual team to interview the recruits and not necessarily the management team. They have to work with them on a daily basis, and so their input and thoughts really help to find the right people. The systems and knowledge come, as with all jobs, over the following months after recruitment.   

So please, recruitment agencies, it’s very nice of you to hunt us out, but there’s no work here for you. We’re quite happy with our own recruitment process.