Revolution ethos

Revolution ethos

Ethos is the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its attitudes.

Sounds a mouthful or something that falls out of the mouth of a marketing person. At Revolution, we often speak of our ethos and to make sure that we never forget it we even have it written on our walls. If you ever come to the Revolution office, have a look around the office and you’ll be able to read our ethos.


At Revolution, our ethos has always been to try to be different. A great example of  this is that there are very few software operating systems like Revolution. Our  competitors use software called Qube. It’s a great piece of software for property  management companies, but we really didn’t like the bit that you as a customer  logged into. It did nothing that we wanted it to do and we didn’t like the fact that if  you have more than one apartment you have to have multiple logins.

We put our money where our ethos is and hired an external software designer to build our own unique operating system. This works in the Revolution way of being transparent, highly auditable and an excellent communicator.

We believe in fast responses such as having a dedicated conveyancing person to ensure your apartment purchase or sale is never slowed down by us. We answer all emails within one working day

We upload loads of documents online for your property so that they are always in one place. We look for answers to problems residents experience every day. As an example, our are automated meter reading service which quickly orders and delivers your meter readings to you.