Save money on your TV viewing

Save money on your TV viewing

There is a snobbery around Sky TV compared to other ways of receiving TV. This does seem to be waning slightly with the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. The internet has made TV a much easier product to consume. Here’s how to save money on your TV viewing.

Last week, I received notification that my Sky subscription is going up to around £55 per month / £660 per year. I then looked at my program guide to see what it is I record. I don’t watch movies on Sky as I’ve got Netflix. I discovered all of my recordings were on BBC1/2, ITV1/2 and Channels 4&5. The originals!

What am I paying all this subscription for? It’s a good question, which I reflected on and decided to look at possible changes. I looked at all the options and decided to try a Freesat box. I purchased a Humax box (other makes are available). Set up was easy and as a product, it’s come on a long way. There are about 10 HD channels, but sadly Channel 4 isn’t one of them.

It records, has the full BBC iPlayer app, unlike Sky, and the interface is really quite nice. My TV is a smart TV and so has Freeview built in. I now watch TV as normal on my TV Freeview (which does have HD Channel 4) and record on the Freesat box.

It also has some really nice features which don’t feature on Sky, like a timer to turn it on and off and the ability to set an amount of time for fast forward, etc. The average commercial break is 240 seconds, press fast forward once and it skips the adverts!

There are other areas where it doesn’t feel as slick as Sky. I’ve been testing it for a month, and whilst occasionally you might want to watch ‘A place in the Sun’ in HD and you can’t, is that worth £660 per year?

With Freeview / Freesat you have to buy the box, but then you’re winning unless it’s already built into your TV set. Did you know, you can have Sky downgrade your package to Sky’s version of Freesat? They turn off the premium channels, so your Sky box behaves like a Freesat box. If you want to record though you still have to pay Sky £10 per month.

So, the call is yours, but I’d really advocate a review of what you are now doing TV viewing wise. I was surprised how much my habits had changed since Netflix and the like had arrived. You too could save money on your TV viewing.