Save water

Don't leave taps running

We are basking in this glorious weather and it has been lovely being able to sit out after work or at the weekend and enjoy the sun. It’s easy to forget everything that goes on visibly and that we take for granted. With the forecast predicting more sunshine, we need to turn our attention to our water consumption. We need to save water. This could also save you some money as reducing the amount of water you use will reduce your water usage costs.

United Utilities (the company that provide water to the North West) have issued a statement requesting help to support them to avoid not only a hosepipe ban but also the possibility of lower water pressure or even worse, no water at all.

The problem is not the amount of water in reservoirs. It’s the amount of this water that can be treated each day for us all to use. The processing centres can only make a certain amount of clean water each day but we are currently using more than can be treated. In short, if we don’t help now the taps will literally be turned off.

Things we can do to assist United Utilities are:

  • Taking shorter showers (stop having baths to save water)
  • Having a shower rather than a bath (did we mention stop having baths)
  • Not leaving the tap running when brushing your teeth
  • Flush the toilet only when necessary (you can decide on the necessary bit)
  • Fix any drips (a dripping tap can waste up to 4 gallons a day!)
  • Boil only what you need in the kettle (this will save you electric as well)
  • Wash your dishes in the sink rather than using your dishwasher (short-term pain!)
  • Use your washing machine less (or store some dirty clothing until the warm weather disappears)
  • If you have a garden, turn off your sprinklers
  • Use a watering can rather than a hosepipe
  • Use a bucket of water to clean your car rather than a hosepipe or jet wash (or just leave the car for a couple of weeks dirty)
  • Take a bucket in the shower to catch some of the wastewater (might be worth a try)
  • Consider getting a water butt to catch rainwater in the future (won’t help now but as we say, for the future)

Have a read here about using water wisely (it’s a bit of a dry read, excuse the pun):

If you don’t have a water meter, take a look at United Utilities’ calculator to see how much money you could save:

Money Saving Expert has provided a useful list of water saving freebies. Take a look here:

We all need to do our bit and act now to save water and possibly a reduction in water pressure, or worse no water at all. We could have this weather for a couple of months yet, so please, please let’s all help each other.