Service level agreement

Service level agreement

What is a service level agreement? This is where a company will set a standard time to undertake an action for you, and then it will measure its performance against that standard.

We have a number of internal service levels for which we manage our performance against a standard we set to ensure we continually manage our performance for you as our customer.  This level of continual improvement is unheard of in the residential property management sector.

As part of Revolution’s service level agreement, we have a set business requirement for all emails to be answered within 24 hours. Currently, the average response time for accounts issues is 3 hours and for building management issues 7 hours. This covers tenants, leaseholders, directors and contractors. We treat everyone the same to drive up standards equally.

On our system, as I write this article, for the whole business we have two emails which have fallen outside the 24 hours standard. We deal with almost 40,000 emails each month so this is exceptionally low. As managers, we can track individual performance of staff through to group and company performance. This helps us identify spikes when issues arise and allocate more resources to these problems.  

In everyone’s work queues here there will be a small green box with the number of hours left to answer the question (as shown, Princess House has 21 hours to remain within standard). We then monitor these figures to ensure that this standard is met.

This is one of the ways we ensure Revolution is better than other property management companies. Ask your existing property management company what their response time for emails is and then ask them for the proof. We can give you both.