Stopping water leaks

Stopping water leaks

Stopping water leaks

Stopping water leaks was one of the main objectives given to us by the Quadrangle in Manchester on our appointment last November. This is a large building with 250 apartments. Before we took over the main water feed in the building burst causing over £100,000 of damage to apartments and retail units. What’s to stop this happening again?

Revolution’s forward thinking has brought a solution.

We have installed a water sensing system into every section of the building where the water pipe runs. This includes all the rooms with water meters, etc. Should water start to leak from any section the sensors detect this and then immedia

tely turn off the water pumps. It also sounds an alarm and tells the site team which sensor has been triggered. Our system was installed by Heating and Detection Solutions Ltd

By implementing new systems at the site to prevent future insurance claims we have negotiated a 20% reduction in this years insurance cost for the site. These savings will generate year on year and have already paid for the detection system. 

Should the worst happen and a pipe burst there would still be some water damage but nothing like the vast amount of damage caused by the water continuing to gush out!

On top of this our operating system also knows the location of every stop tap in the building and we can search this in seconds and send contractors to turn off supplies in apartments.

Water leaks constitute one of the largest problems any managing agent has to deal with and are also the worst kind of damage causing issue. Imagine the horror and disruption to your life to find your apartment flooded.

Our best advice is to make sure you know where your apartment stop tap is. When going on holiday turn your water off and if you think you have a leak deal with it immediately. Slow dripping leaks can cause more damage over time that a large leak.