Lee Burkitt

Managing Director


Start date

Launched the company in 2006

Main responsibility

My vision was and still is for Revolution to be as open and transparent as possible. I strive to ensure the business performs to its core standards of great service, controlled costs and openness and transparency. My core role now is to ensure that Revolution outperforms our competitors at everything we do.

Outside of work

I’m currently learning Spanish. Having tried about 10 years ago (and failed) I decided to have another go. I now have a wonderful teacher called Esthela (if anyone would like her contact details drop me a line). Maybe I’m more driven to succeed now as I’d like to spend more time in Spain in the future.

My partner and I have also just bought a canal narrow boat ready for the summer of 2018!

Bet you didn't know

You may well now know but we have a french bulldog called Ellie. Ellie is wonderful and if you come to the office you’ll often find her there causing havoc! Alternatively if you use our chat function on the website Ellie is the administrator of this program, give it a try.


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