Unwanted furniture

Unwanted furniture

Unwanted furniture

What do you do with your unwanted furniture if you are buying a new settee, bed, mattress, washing machine, cooker or fridge but you live in an apartment?

First starting point, if you are getting a new large item these are normally delivered to your home by the company you purchase it from. These companies all have agreements to remove your old item. Think how easy your life will be if they carry it down the stairs and get rid of it for you. It might cost you a few pounds but it really makes your life easy.

Remember, whenever you buy an item such as one of the above to let the delivery company know which floor you live on. Some will not bring heavy items up past the building front door unless they are pre-warned.

If you can’t get the old item taken away what should you do?

Manchester Council (in line with other councils) offers a free removal service. In Manchester, as a council tax payer you are entitled to one free collection per year of up to three items; that’s the old three piece suite dealt with! Contact your local council to read about their removal service.

From our research of councils, the cost of collecting items ranges from £0 to around £20 for three items. Going back to our first point, if the delivery company will take the old one away for a few pounds you won’t have the hassle and might be a few pounds better off. Try and get the collection thrown in for free.

Each council has this service available through their websites. You don’t need to call them. If the item is big speak to the property management company for the building you live in and see if it can be left in the bin room for collection. Also, pop a note on it so your neighbours don’t think it has simply been dumped.

At Revolution we are happy to give guidance to anyone with a question on the above. Even if we don’t manage your building we’ll tell you what we know from our own prospective.

Read what Manchester City Council have to say here:

Manchester City Council