Weekly Surgery

You can’t know everything, especially in property management. Every building is different, its residents have different expectations and every building has different leases adding vast complexity to being a property manager. Every week something will crop up where the next actions are not clear and we’ve been reviewing how to get around these differences more quickly. That is why every Wednesday our team of directors will now hold an open weekly surgery for all Revolution staff.

Having reviewed a number of our long-standing issues we believe we can improve resolution speeds further with weekly surgery for the building managers. They can bring any issues relating to buildings, contractors, customers, etc, and have them reviewed by the board before then returning to the customer with a plan of action. This will mean any issues where there could be a possible delay will receive input from a director quickly. They can also now mark the internal problem ticket for director review at this meeting.

Whilst our team is highly focused and trained there will always be things they need guidance on. This is the same for all companies. So we’ve designed this as a support function where our team can gain additional in-depth input and direction. Some of the questions we get asked or problems that occur can be highly complex, especially when linked to leases and who’s responsible for what. Our front line teams are driven to complete tasks quickly as more complex tasks can become difficult as trying to get to speak to the right person can be hard when everyone’s diaries are so full.

Everyone in the business will know that Wednesday mornings are their guaranteed time to access the directors. This doesn’t mean the directors won’t be involved with immediate issues but the structure will greatly help everyone.  

This improvement will roll out through January and we will monitor the reduction in completion times for more complex items. Any feedback from our customers is always appreciated as we go through new processes as well.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.