Where’s my stop tap?

stop tap

Where’s my stop tap is probably something most people only think of when water starts to pour out from a leaking pipe. Until then we have no clue. Water leaks can cause thousands of pounds of damage to a building and also hours of lost time and heart ache. Sometimes we can’t stop these things happening but we can control them better. Below are 6 really good starting points to controlling water leaks. They’ll take a couple of minutes to cover and make sure everyone else in the apartment is aware of them.

Tonight when you go home find out the following:

1) Where is the stop tap for my apartment or house? In an apartment it will normally be by the immersion tank. In a house it could be under the kitchen sink, in the garage etc. If you can’t find it ask a neighbour or call your managing agent.

2) Apartments often have a stop tap outside the apartment as well so that water can be turned off if a resident is not at home. Find out where these are as you may at some stage need to turn a neighbours supply off.

3) If you’re away for a few days or on holiday turn your water off before you go. Imagine the heart ache to come back to your home flooded. To stop these stop taps from seizing they should be turned on and off a few times a year. Doing this when you go away would cure this problem.

4) Keep a couple of buckets in a cupboard somewhere. If the worst happens and water comes through your ceiling you’ll be able to catch it and limit the damage to your home.

5) Get to know your neighbours and get their phone number(s). It could save hours if you can contact them. Also make sure your managing agent has an up to date number for you in cases of emergencies.

6) Make sure you have your immersion tank serviced each year. This will reduce the chances of a leak and save you money. Did you know your immersion tank could be sending hot water down the drain?

If you want help with any of the above call Revolution. We’re here to help. If we don’t manage your building then try your managing agent to start with but feel free to give us a call as well. You’ll also find information about stop tap locations on your MyRevolution account if you are a customer of ours.

It goes without saying that if you’re not managed by Revolution, why not? Talk to us and we’ll give you our common sense knowledge approach to Property Management.