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Paper recycling bin

What to do with all that Christmas wrapping paper!

The materials used for making some wrapping paper mean it’s not always accepted for recycling because it might be dyed or contain glitter which can’t be recycled. As good property management, we endorse recycling and encourage it wherever possible. Before throwing your wrapping paper into a recycling bin, please remember to remove any sellotape or ribbons because these cannot be recycled. Simple wrapping paper can be recycled but foil or glitter-decorated paper cannot and needs to go in the general waste. Here is a useful link:

What to do with wrapping paper

One idea would be to re-use it for next Christmas or do something retro like use brown packaging paper with a bright bow. If you receive things in gift bags, please keep them and reuse them. At least this is a form of recycling.  

When you’re buying your wrapping paper, please try to buy paper made from recycled materials or paper that can go on and be recycled.

Did you see Martin Lewis’ message regarding unnecessary Christmas presents?

It’s time to ban unnecessary Christmas presents

We think Martin has a point. Think about how nice a gift would be that involves your time. Invite your friends round for a meal. Print off a photo of you all doing something nice, frame it and give it as the present. Arrange to all meet up and spend the day out. Do something that involves your time rather than money.

Let’s try and look after our environment and do what we can to recycle wherever possible.