Covid-19 – Important Notice from Revolution

Transparent Residential Block Management

Property management is being shaken up by Revolution through our new ways of delivering customer service and with our unique transparent customer portal. We offer a fresh, transparent approach with exceptional communication, planning and structure that is designed to give you confidence. When new customers join Revolution, one of the main drivers from them changing has been a feeling of no control or understanding of what is happening at their development. We are kings of embracing new technology; something not normally done in property management.  As you go through our site you will see many references to our industry-leading property portal. We have designed this from the bottom up with you in mind. No one else has or can use our portal software.

We’ve made for you the property management filing cabinet. From your accounts, reports, surveys, etc these are all online. We also store your building codes, maintenance plans, future plans and much more. The transparency continues with you being able to see all your emails to us along with our responses. You will also find nice touches, like your lease in a searchable format.

We also believe that people renting apartments or houses at our developments should also have access to transparent property management. With today’s need to keep data secure, we have a vetting process on all applications for a MyRevolution account. Once completed, the applicant’s account is made live.

You may also have heard of GDPR in relation to data protection. At Revolution, we have reviewed all aspects of this and even introduced a new section for GDPR control in the contracts we have with developments.

We’re working hard to be the revolution that you want to see in residential property management.

Revolution are the North West’s leading property management company covering Preston, Bolton, Bury, Chorton, Didsbury, Warrington, Chester, Buxton, Liverpool, Southport and more.