Move to Revolution, Anand Patel will look after things for you…

By trade, I am a fully qualified accountant which comes in really handy through the takeover process. Accountancy though wasn’t enough to keep me entertained in terms of my career. So I joined Revolution in 2010 and as with a lot of Revolution staff I worked really hard and have risen to the position of operations director.

I’m needed in the takeover process as I have a very deep understanding of building operation. This covers everything from contractual obligations through to legislation around water management. It’s my job to ensure that when a building moves to Revolution it is meeting all of its legal obligations to its owners. I want you to have the best building possible and to be able to totally trust Revolution to have every requirement covered.

“I want you to have the best building possible”

Throughout the management of the building, I dip in and out as the building requires. I have a vast amount of input in the takeover process and then again if you have complex things being done at site.

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