We know of the Sisters through managing a building where one of the Sisters is a building director. It turns out our MD knew another Sister without even knowing. We think they may be everywhere!

So our love of the Sisters was forged and it’s been our pleasure to support them by becoming a “Friend of the Sisters”. The Sisters have a great ethos of helping to raise funds or awareness for charities and organisations mainly within the gay world but not exclusively.

The Sisters need support to run their day-to-day activities such as transport, website, etc. They are a frugal house but everyone needs support. Revolution has been happy to give divine support to the Manchester House through last year’s donation.

The Sisters are a great story starting around 50 years ago and now the Sisters are all over the world spreading love and harmony. They then have their own Houses and it is the Manchester House that we support. As Brucie said, “You’re our favourite”.

Have a wander around the Sisters’ website. It’s a joy to read.

The Manchester Sisters Ask the Sisters to attend your event