When we talk to new buildings, a common theme we hear from residents regarding communication is that they never hear from their existing property management company. We hear this clearly and have a number of routes to communicate with our customers and vice-versa.

All communication with Revolution ends up as a ticket in our system with a unique reference number. You can then log into your MyRevolution account and see all your outstanding and completed tickets in one place. We can also send one ticket to everyone in a particular building or floor of a building.

We are currently trialling online chat via our website. This is the same type of system as used by many other companies to facilitate an online discussion. The great thing about chat is that it has an auto-translation function which allows people of different languages to fairly well understand each other.

Online surveys
As part of decision making, on what can be a large scale, we use electronic survey software to get as much feedback before making decisions

Facebook and Twitter
Social media is becoming the only way some people communicate. Our system is set up to receive messages via these portals and then turn them into manageable tickets.

By phone
And finally, the phone. It’s old-fashioned but works a treat.