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Are you paying too much for your electricity?

There are some costs in life that can’t be changed, but your electricity isn’t one of them. It’s estimated that 50% of people don’t religiously swap electricity supplier every year. The cost of not changing can be increases of 25 to 50%, but we’re all busy and this gets forgotten.

Do you even know how much electricity you use?

With Revolution, you request your meter readings through the portal. These are then all kept in the portal to help you. We even continue to show the reading for the previous owners or tenants to the new owner or tenant. There’s no data issue but it allows you to see if your usage is in line with previous usage.

Do you know what Economy 7 is? Economy 7 gives you 7 hours of cheap electric (normally midnight to 7:00 a.m.). In this period of time your hot water is heated, storage heaters heat up, etc. The power companies offer this as demand is very low in these hours. You will pay slightly more for your daytime electricity.

A normal electric bill will consist of how many units used (last reading to current reading) and then a standing charge per day for providing the service. Even the standing charges can vary vastly. 

So, once you know your reading, if you have Economy 7 and what your standing charge is, you are armed to now go looking for a new supplier. Last check – you may be tied to your current supplier (normally 12 months) but only they can tell you. 

Try a number of comparison websites. Don’t just go with the first offer. Get yourself a coffee, sit at the table and spend a couple of hours researching. 

Have a read here about what Martin Lewis has to say:

Cheap Energy Club

Your current supplier may not be giving you the best price. Switching is really easy and simple and you don’t have to do the work!

We strongly recommend you check what you are paying before the winter bills arrive.