If you live in a Revolution managed building you may well have noticed that on all the doors in the building (excluding apartment front doors) there are white numbers in the top right-hand corners. These are all part of our unique customer operating system, called MyRevolution. This system has a customer portal for you to log in to and also operate as a whole building management system to aid speedy resolution of any fault diagnosis.

The door numbering system is a great example of how our unique operating system can help save time. As we said above, every door gets numbered, its location in the building is then mapped and then what is behind the door is documented. This could be stop taps, fuses, switches, TV systems, and so on.

This information is then fed into MyRevolution as part of its fault diagnosis system.

We can then find the location of all items at site quickly and send contractors to the right places.

As an example, if the corridor lighting went off on the first floor we can tell MyRevolution this is the fault and it will feedback to us the exact locations of all the fuses and circuit that control the lighting on this floor. It will tell us their location in the building and also how we access those cupboards, do we need keys, are they pin locks, etc

These diagnosis lists can be printed off and given directly to contractors going to site, so if the TV engineer company are going to site they will know the exact location of every single piece of equipment at site.

Under our Managing Directors tight direction, Revolution have designed their operating system from the ground up using the knowledge they have of building management. No other management company will ever have  the MyRevolution operating system. It is truly unique to Revolution.