Our process for dealing with holiday lets?

Most property managers are coming across holiday lets frequently. This is where people rent out their apartments on a daily/weekly basis via a number of holiday-type portals. This has caused a lot of problems in some buildings. We’ve had instances of holiday lets in a few apartments where there have been 8 to 10 beds installed by the owner. Clearly, this can only be for noisy parties.

Being trapped in a world next door to a holiday let can be a nightmare. You need help and assistance in dealing with the issue. Often, we can’t immediately stop it, but we do put a long-term solution in place.

What should you do if you find you are living with this problem?

1 – Keep a diary of dates, activities, etc.

2 – Report each instance to the managing agent for the building (by email) asking them to record the instances.

3 – Contact your local council and speak with their “antisocial behaviour team”.

4 – Have the current agent write to all leaseholders advising this activity is not allowed in the building.

5 – Have notices around the building explaining these types of lettings are not allowed. Make them visible for the people actually renting the apartment. This will help reduce repeat rentals.

When the holiday let problem has been at a problematic level we have in the past appointed security to attend on a call-out basis to deal with the people in the apartment. We attempt to recover the costs from the leaseholder and the call-out logs give great evidence for court if required.